Florals for Fall…(or anytime really)


*this is an old post from November that I never published*

First of all, I need to say how sorry I am to have been MIA the past few weeks. It was Thanksgiving, and then I came down with the stomach bug immediately after thanksgiving. Now I am back and fully recovered and ready for December! I have some fun posts coming up this month for my beauty routine, holiday style, and fun holiday looks. I adore everyone who reads my blog. Thank you to all of you. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.


Okay, okay, so this dress is as easy as pie. Yes… I am a blue jeans kinda girl, but I love a cute dress. What girl doesn’t?! Vibrant florals are always a hit and they add something totally extra to this LBD. I think the sleeves are my favorite thing about this dress. Dresses that don’t need too many accessories are always a win.img_3235

Florals are seen as more of a spring trend, but I think they look absolutely adorable year round if they have long sleeves like this one. This dress was easy to transition into fall with these tan/ brown booties. You can even wear this dress in the spring and summer with some adorable strappy sandals. Today, it was 75 degrees in south Texas…and it is December. So, it is completely appropriate to pair some sandals with this number still.


I went for a pretty easy hair do with this dress because I wanted to keep the soft and sweet feel to this dress. As for my makeup, I kept it pretty natural as well. I only applied some loose powder, blush, mascara, and a light lip color. Sometimes, less is more.


I found this dress on sale at Dillard’s this summer. I am linking a few dresses that will be wearable year round!

This lovely maroon floral dress is a totally appropriate for date night. This wine colored floral dress is affordable and adorable. And you can’t go wrong with this little LBD with some florals on it. You can find all of these dresses at forever 21.

XO, Haley 

[Fall]ing on the Edge


HAHA. Sorry about my witty caption. Happy fall, y’all!!!!!

Fist of all, black is my favorite color. Sometimes when you need to feel like a total babe- wear some skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, and a choker. I’m not really an “edgy” kind of gal, but depending on the day I need a little edge in my life….even if it is just in my outfit. When I bought this leather jacket it was half off at American Eagle. SCORE! Leather is just classic. You can chic it up, or wear it down. Honestly, every girl should go get themselves a classic black leather jacket. (I prefer a more fitted fit with these kind of jackets or even blazers, it compliments your figure a little more. And no, I don’t mean too tight to wear you can’t maneuver your arms, ya goofball.) I chose a classic black tee because I didn’t really want to break up the contrast between the all black look up top and my white converse on the bottom. Plus, when I added the choker, the black all together looked chic and cute.


 CHOKERS!! These have been booming in the fashion scene lately. It’s such a 90’s grunge thing and I’m totally digging it. I wear them all the time. It’s become the easiest thing to add to any plain tee and make it into a look. I may wear my chokers way too often, but oh well. I also wear my converse all the time, but they are just easy to throw on and get out the door. Especially because it is starting to get chilly out, I think it is safe to say us girls are not too worried about getting our toes done (haha). The white converse just added a fresh white pop because I didn’t want to wear black shoes too…blah.dsc_0779dsc_0772dsc_0809

The skinny jeans that I am wearing have become my favorite brand of jeans of all time. I have a curvier figure, and awkward legs so it is so hard for me to find jeans that really fit me well everywhere. I went into Buckle a while back, and I stumbled upon these Flying Monkey jeans. They rock. Skinny jeans are all I wear, so I am so happy that I finally found some that I love. You should definitely try them out. I’ll link a few jean styles that I love.

I am so excited for Thanksgiving and family time this week. It is a much needed break from school and eating healthy for a few days. Enjoy the holiday and eat your heart out, y’all.


XO, Haley

Flying Monkey Jeans here  and find another pair here for half off.
I couldn’t find my exact leather jacket, but I found some cute ones on Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 here ,  here, and here.


To The Girl Who Feels Broken

The struggle is real when you feel broken. Heartbreak? Goodbyes? Growing up? It’s all hard. Trusting Jesus to work everything out in his time may be one of the biggest struggles that we face a Christians. We are told in the bible so many times to just trust the Lord, so why do we constantly battle what he already has planned out? It is so hard to learn from mistakes, to realize that some things are lessons to be learned, and to discover that what we thought was perfect…isn’t. I have personal struggles, bad days, and trouble seeing the rainbow in the storm. In these moments, I feel lost. I have to always remember who I am living for. Let’s be honest here…. I struggle to remember that storms don’t last forever. Battling the inner voices in our heads telling us we aren’t good enough, and slowly one by one picking out flaws that we hate about ourselves begin to make up who we are. A broken heart hurts so bad to the point it can make you feel worthless. Each and every one of us are worthy of a love so magical we can’t even see straight. We all have a love story waiting for us. We all have a future ahead of us. We all have a God that loves and provides for us. Why can’t we all believe that? Let’s not let this challenge of trusting God with all of our anxieties and doubts be on our minds. When you feel unwanted, unbeautiful, and sad remember his name and don’t ever go back. He doesn’t deserve your heart and you don’t deserve to feel that way…at all. Sometimes when you feel like your world is falling apart, you feel as if you just can’t shed another tear. Jesus says your world will be okay. Your hurt won’t go away overnight, but it will be OKAY. When Jesus leads you to someone, it’s for a reason. Just as Jesus leads someone out of your life, it’s for a reason. Some days I struggle to believe that. Saying goodbye to someone may mean both healing and hurting. Saying goodbye makes your heart hurt all while it’s helping you see the plan God has. Surrounding yourself around people that love you, and value your heart are the kind of people Jesus has meant to be in your life. Don’t even waste your time or tears on someone who doesn’t value your passionate heart. Through these tough moments I can hear Jesus telling me: “testify to me, trust me, I am going to make you into everything I ever meant you to be, remember Genesis 22:17?” I can’t wait for the day it all becomes clear. There will be moments in this life worth waiting & living for, so I will wait with grace for those moments to make me smile. To me, love is doing the laundry together, laughing at nerdy jokes, snuggling in silence on the couch, and fishing on a Saturday morning. I’ll gladly wait for that love. The one you love one day should be the song you can’t stop singing. Jesus wants us to be so overwhelmingly happy in his love that his love within us reflects and glows to those around us. Sometimes we need to just stop and be held by Jesus. Ladies, remember your worth & don’t ever let a sad moment rule your life. You will not be broken, believe in Isaiah 46:4. Don’t cry over the boy who made you feel like a used peice of notebook paper. Don’t settle for a half-way kind of love….you deserve the world, and Jesus will give it to you. Believe that.

Xx, Haley

A GNO look ?


Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s these cut-offs again. They are so versatile in my closet. And…as I have said before, they are just my favorite lil’ things of all time. I think that cut-offs can and will be worn either way- casual with a big tee or sophisticated with a side of flirty. Today, these cut-offs gave my polished look a glimpse of edgy. My mom told me when I walked out of the door the other day, “Girl, you are about to wear out those cut-offs and they are going to fall apart.” THAT IS HOW MUCH I WEAR THEM. OOPS.

Something about my pastel pink tank top speaks “soft and sweet,” so I wanted to include that vibe into my look. Honestly, this outfit would have been cute without the blazer. You can do whatever fits your style. I just opted for a little extra somethin’ to my look. I have had this tank top for years, so it isn’t anything brand new. I didn’t want to make my look too “dressy,” so I wore this casual tank with my cut-offs. I think this blazer was under $30 at Nordstrom Rack!!!!  STEAL!!! It is not thick and stiff like a a normal blazer. I hate when you feel like you can’t move in most blazers if they are not stretchy. AT ALL.  When I felt like I could actually move my arms in this blazer, I got all heart-eyed over it in the dressing room. If you like blazers, then you will love this soft and flimsy one. It has sophistication to it, yet it still gives a nice and polished look when I choose to go casual.  You can wear this outfit for anything in the summer for a casual & sophisticated look. Some people read too far into a blazer, and they think it screams “uptight.” Forget that. I wear what I want. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for wanting to look a little polished, ladies!!

My shoes were one of my favorites for the summer. I do not like to wear a heeled shoe all the time, but when I do I LOVE TO WEAR THESE. Did I mention how comfortable they are? These shoes do not hurt my feet after so many hours and they aren’t too tall for me. Instead of a “shootie” (half boot+half shoe = shootie), I got these thick-heeled, sandal-like shoes. They go with everything; skinny jeans, a little LBD, a skirt, or cut-offs! I didn’t want to look uptight and preppy, so I wore my hair down. A teased high pony would have looked really cute, too! And on the right girl, some red lipstick would look smokin’ hot!! My ring was just to add a little bling to complete my look. I chose some shiny, stud earrings rather than something large and dangle-ly. I really dig a classic, sophisticated, and young look like this little number.

You can find a soft, blazer like mine from Guess Factory or Nordstrom Rack.  I cannot find the exact top I have anywhere because I got it a few seasons ago from LOFT, but I found two similar ones at Nordstroms…one here and one here !! I can’t find the exact pair of cut-offs I have, but here are some from American Eagle that are the closest style to mine. Here are some shoes from DSW that have a very similar style to mine, lovelies. 


I’ve Got Summer Blues

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Plaid is seriously my love language. I feel like plaid itself is so tomboy… but when you add jewelry and other pieces, it gives you that cute summer zest you are looking for. My top is from Old Navy and was only $9!!!!!

It was seriously bright and hot today in Corpus Christi, so of course I wore my favorite, comfy, versatile, go-to denim cut-offs!!! (sorry I think that was a run-on sentence..oops) Since you probably get the point that I am a blue-jean kinda gal, I’m not even going to babble on and on about how much I wear these cut-offs.  These blue jean cut-offs are definitely my favorite of all time (they run pretty true to size and are extremely stretchy, so keep that in mind). I cannot even explain my love for a good pair of blue jeans period….so maybe now you can understand why I call this blog “The Blue-Jeaned Journal.”  🙂

Let’s talk about my earrings. “Dangly.” BLUE. “Blingy.” How could you not love them? To give my look extra sparkle and style, I paired these blingy, blue earrings with my plaid top. And I’ve already mentioned how hot it was today, so yes I went with a tight top knot to complete my look. Tip: When you wear big earrings, wear your hair up! It shows your earrings off a little more, and it gives your look a pop.

I found my bag for a steal at Target when I wasn’t even looking! Ha, those are the best purchases! OK. I suppose this bag is more like a “tote” bag, but I use it as a “stuff it with everything but the kitchen sink” type of purse. I am not an organized person when it comes to handbags, so I never know what I’ll find in this thing. Oh whale, who needs to have a million little zipped up makeup bags inside another bag?? It would stress me out trying to remember which little zipped-up makeup bag I put my lipstick in.  Anyways, I love this bag so much….especially when I go to the movies ;). The $36.99 I paid at Target for this bag beat the $129.99 I saw on Urban Outfitters!

Get my blue, plaid top here at oldnavy.com! You can get my favorite blue-jean cut-offs here at ae.com! I found my blue earrings a long time ago at a boutique, but you can find similar ones on jcrew.com or charmingcharlie.com !! My black sandals are Steve Madden that I got last year from a Nordstrom’s sale. But you can find plenty more from my favorite shoe designer at stevemadden.com !!!! You can find my huge black bag here on target.com !!


XO, Haley. 




Winter florals

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I jump on the opportunity to wear a dress. I love wearing them, but it’s a shame I don’t wear them enough! Winter florals tend to be darker, but still fun and flirty. I love “cute.” To me that is what this dress is. When wearing florals, it can either be over-done or done just right. I feel like when you find that one dress it feels like perfection. Dresses can be dressed up or dressed down. I wanted to keep this look casual and soft for a luncheon, so I wore some booties with this cute thangggg.

I kept the hair pretty sleek and casual for this sunny “winter” day. It was the perfect day for a girl that has naturally frizzy hair. What isn’t pictured is my hair  looking like a lion’s mane when I woke up.

Simplicity is all it takes to give you a fresh and clean look. I will forever love a chic, simple, classy, and easy look for anything and everything most of the time.

xo, Haley

This dress will forever be one of my favorite fall-winter dresses. There is an opportunity on the link for the cute, floral must-have on loft.com for 40% off. My booties literally go with anything and everything in my closet, so naturally I had to wear them for this lovely day. On the link to DSW for these Madden Girl booties, you save $20 more than online at stevemadden.com. Just sayin’. 

a simple NYE

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I’m not really one to change my entire wardrobe for the new year because I still love the things I bought last January. Wearing things that flatter me and are comfortable is major. It never gets super cold in Texas, but when it does a cozy sweater, cute hat, and fluffy blanket scarf are my go-to.  This kind of outfit is so simple, and not overdone. I like to keep my style pretty casual, natural, and simple. Nothing too snazzy 24/7.  That’s just not me. I’m a fanatic over soft sweaters and suede boots. Getting glamorous for NYE with no where to go is pointless to me! A casual fun night with some good girlfriends did the trick for me!

I got these boots last year, because let’s be honest… who doesn’t love a good pair of short ankle boots?? This plaid scarf has become my favorite thing to wrap myself in to keep me warm. It goes with just about any solid color to add that lovely pop of something to your outfit. Yes, it’s my favorite hat again. I just love this hat so much because it gives any outfit that “baby, its cold outside”, outdoorsy feel. A good pair of blue jeans are  essential for every closet, especially if they make you feel good about yourself!

Wishing all of you a blessed 2016 & I hope you make it everything you want it to be.

xo, Haley

Sweater: American Eagle // Jeans: Sneak Peak // Scarf and hat: Target // Boots: DSW


tomboy meets feminine

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I am so obsessed with hats in the fall and winter. The fact that it is so easy to just throw on a hat with messy hair and no makeup makes me love wearing them even more. Jeans and a flannel go together like PB + J.  It’s one of my favorite looks that can be boyish, yet feminine.

Blue-jeans are my thing. I love when I can find a good flattering pair. I just found this brand called MADEWELL and I think I have fallen in love, absolute love. The whole store has my name all over it. I can wear the loose fitting plaid button-downs, ripped jeans, skinny jeans, neutral blouses, and booties on repeat. MADEWELL is all of that good stuff. The whole store is like industrial meets tomboy and I’m lovin’ it. I could go crazy in that place. Anyways, back to the jeans… they are from that amazing place and I could literally live in them.

I paired this worn-out looking flannel with this lovely hat I scored 50% off at Target! boooya! Sometimes all it takes for me is a loose flannel, some light washed jeans, and the most adorable/comfortable hat for the day.  I have this bad habit of wearing flannels over and over and over…and overrr again when I have those awful days where “I can’t find anything to wear”  when I’ve got a closet full of shirts coming out the ying yang. Relatable? I know. My answer every time is a flannel, rolled up jeans, and some booties. It’s just that simple for a day like today.

Top and hat: Target / Jeans: MADEWELL (It’s currently 25% off your ENTIRE purchase at MADEWELL.com)